Fairtex Black Mouthguard MG3 with Gel-Fit Liner


Max protection without restraining yourself

Get maximum protection for your teeth, jaw, and brain with the Fairtex Mouthguard MG3. It unveils two heavy-duty components to offer you the highest degree of comfort and protection. First off, a heavy-duty rubber shock frame, and secondly, a thermoplastic gel inner lining for extra comfort and great fitting. Pop it in and get the protection you need for staying safe and sound when playing a variety of sports including boxing, kickboxing, Muay Thai, MMA, and karate. Can be used in contact sports like hockey, basketball, rugby as well. 


Rubber Shell: Fairtex mouthguard integrates a heavy-duty rubber shell for absorbing impact from hits targeting the teeth, jaw, and brain. Not just that but it prevents movement while clenched, too. The rubber shell has a very thick surface to ensure your teeth and jaw are well-shielded against injuries.


Advance Gel-Fit Liner: Features an advanced Gel-Fit liner to give the gum shield extra comfort and a perfect fitting. 


Promotes Easy Breathing: When training you tend to breathe fast due to excessive physical activity. This can become a problem if you’re using a regular mouthguard. However, with the Fairtex mouthguard, it’s not a problem. It contains air ducts to promote easy breathing during matches and training.


Wave Design: The MMA mouthguard has a wave design for internal support, thereby absorbing impact while giving your upper and lower jaws extra protection. 


Tether Connect: Incudes a quick tether connects – a patented design that quickly transforms the mouthguard from tethered to strapless.



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