Fairtex Bag Gloves (red) TGT7


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Fairtex Bag Gloves TGT7


When you’re training, it’s vital to stand up straight, and have the right equipment to protect yourself against injury. That’s why our Fairtex Bag Gloves are an essential part of your routine, giving you the padding you need to go hard. Designed to make practicing with your punching bag easier and more effective, every glove provides the support and cushion needed for a safe and productive training session. 


Why You Need Bag Gloves

Our lighter weight and condensed bag gloves enable you to deliver faster punches, building up the endurance you need to excel in the ring. Combined with our Twins Special Hand Wraps, the Fairtex Bag Gloves offer ideal protection without any added bulk. The high level of shock absorbency means you can go longer and harder without causing damage or injury to the delicate bones in your hand. In sizes M to XL, you can get the snug fit you need no matter what your hand size.


High-Quality And Durable Construction

Our bag gloves are made of durable material that will give you the performance you expect for years to come. The double velcro closure ensures the wrist closure stays in place while providing an extra level of support to help keep your wrists in line. The bright red color with contrast stitching lets everyone know you mean business and aren’t afraid to stand out in a crowd. Each glove is made of the highest quality genuine leather that won’t give in no matter how hard you punch. 


Key Features:


  • Ultra high-grade foam provides superior shock absorption without any added bulk.


  • Double velcro closure ensures your gloves stay securely fastened. 


  • The red and white colorway gives an eye-catching and timeless design.


  • Premium leather ensures long-lasting durability that holds up to intense training.


  • Natural grip hand positioning allows for a more relaxed hand posture.


  • A more compact design makes them easier to fit into your bag for easy transport.


When you’re serious about training, you need the right equipment to let you get the most out of your sessions. With Fairtex, you get the quality and durability you need with the protection and support you trust. Don’t settle for less; choose Fairtex and see the difference our quality products bring. 


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