Fairtex Gymbag Compact backpack – Desert BAG-8


Fairtex Gym Bag is quite sturdy thanks to the durable Nylon Satin material, handmade in Thailand by expert craftsmen. With two compartments, multiple pockets, and a spacious interior, there’s no way you can’t stuff all of your essentials in with ease!


Fairtex Spacious Gym Bag – Desert (BAG8) 


This gym bag is built to last!


Fairtex Bag-8 backpack is perfect for those who travel light to the gym and beyond. It’s compact, low-profile with two main compartments. It’s fashioned in a dashing desert color with a contrasting black logo, zippers, and straps. Compact from the outset, it can pack A LOT– be it shorts, protectors, boxing gloves, mitts, or anything else. Fairtex Bag-8 will deliver you all the space and carrying comfort you need to travel patiently with all your essentials neatly organized in one place.


Capacious Interior: The large compartment features a protective laptop sleeve with a Velcro closure, enabling you to carry the bag to your university. Also, there’s extra room inside the main compartment to hold clothes, ID cards, pens, and other useful documents. The small compartment can be used for storing relatively smaller items. 


Side & Front Pockets: The side pocket can be used to slide your phone in, with an exit for your headphones. The front pocket, though visibly small, can seamlessly convert to hold a cylindrical object like a yoga mat. There’s another small mesh pocket to the side for carrying a water bottle in case you get thirsty!


Durable Chest Strap: Features a chest strap to distribute the weight across the body, keeping shoulder and back pain out of the equation. 


Adjustable Shoulder Straps: Adjustable, fully padded shoulder straps make carrying the bag a breeze. 


Waterproof Base: To make sure your important gear doesn’t soak into water, Fairtex has designed the base with vinyl fabric – a waterproof material to prevent your important belongings from getting ruined. 


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