BEPL2 Twins Belly Protector with Velcro closure (Black)


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Twins Belly Protector with Velcro Closure (Black) BEPL2 

This Twins belly protector with velcro closure is unlikely to let you down. It’s built from premium materials, is fully adjustable, and comes with everything you’ll need to train with confidence. Don’t let injury slow down your progress. Use products like this one to stay on top every step of the way. 

At a Glance: 

  • Premium protection in the ring 
  • Made from 100% Thai leather 
  • Handmade in Thailand 
  • Built for comfort and versatility 

High-Density Padding 

Muay Thai boxing and similar martial arts are no joke. When you’re training or sparring in the ring, the last thing you want to do is sustain a serious injury. This belly protector from Twins uses high-density padding that offers superior levels of protection and comfort. 

Strengthen your heart

No matter how many strikes your opponent or training partner throws at you, plant your feet firmly in the ground. you’ll be able to keep going at full force. The difference between victory and defeat can be the equipment you have on your side. 

Made From 100% Thai Leather 

Twins is a brand that’s reached legendary status in the world of fighting equipment. Their products consistently deliver on quality, reliability, and performance. This belly pad is made from 100% genuine Thai leather and was made by hand in Thailand. You’ll struggle to find this level of quality at this price point anywhere else online. 


When it comes to your fighting gear, only the best is enough. 

Comfortable and Secure Fit 

When you’re in the middle of a fight, the last thing you need is distractions or discomfort. If you’re not able to commit to your full focus, victory could quickly slip from your grasp. This Twins protector is built from the ground up to be comfortable with an effortlessly secure fit. 

You’ll forget you’re even wearing it! Don’t chance it – trust Twins. 



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